Monday, October 11, 2010

Sebastião Salgado

     One of the greatest photographers ever would be none other than Sebastião Salgado. His excursions across the world have produced some of the most stunning and utterly emotionally moving photographs to date. Excessive labor, famine, and war are some of the plights that anchor the viewer and hold their heart captive. He draws attention to problems that society has swept under the rug for centuries. He stands against the placation and cold shoulder carelessness that is so abundant today.
      Not only does his subject matter grab your attention but his impeccable techniques draw you in as well. His fast eye and expertise wielding a camera allows him to push and stretch the limits of photography. His perfect skill in the darkroom is apparent with his use of burning and dodging which places heavy emphasis on the striking elements within his images. He is a true master and will always be lauded for his work.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Surreal Opposites Attract

     I am mentioning these photographs together because they are definitely a set and should not be separated. They are yin and yang. The contrast balance is brilliant as each horse has an alternate background that makes them stand out. When you view the black horse then observe the white horse the stark difference is stunning. I feel these images should be viewed together to appreciate opposites and how they have an affect on one another. Although the horizon line is imperfect to the next, something I would like to have seen, it further drives home the point of some things being visually related yet so askew and "wrong" that it becomes right.

Set Free

      Wanting to be free yet something holding you back is not uncommon for people. Here, Chinese photographer Li Wei defines such a desire. Whether it is your job or loved ones, and despite the reasons for being "held back", systematic problems can prevent us from gaining what we yearn for. Li Wei uses a photo-manipulation program to fabricate surreal images of flight and levitation.